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IQC and Gira have come together to launch a new study “Chinese Protein Alternative Market”.Date:2020-12-15

Are you looking to move the needle in this market with real actionable insight? Do you need to know what today’s key issues are for the development of this market and what the immediate opportunities are? Want to know where it is heading over the next five years? There are no simple answers, the situation will evolve, but protein alternative products are already in the market, already booming! The report will explain the who, the how and the why…providing clarity on the fast-evolving situation in China.

In western markets, the concept of protein alternatives 2.0 is well established. Whilst China has a long history of producing products and dishes that mimic the taste of meat, with a larger market than that of the US, most of local companies are way behind their tech-driven Western competitors in the 2.0 plant-based space. However, if other Chinese industries are a proxy, it will not take long to catch up!

The respective knowledge of IQC and Gira on the Chinese and global markets, for food, meat and dairy, alongside the lessons already learnt in protein alternatives, will provide real insight into this market.

If you prefer to discuss this study directly with our Directors, or to access the full brochure on this study, you may contact Angela Zhang at angela.zhang@iqc-insights.com or Yulia Yao at yulia.yao@iqc-china.com.

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