IQC Academy
About IQCIQC is specialized on tailored approaches towards the specific needs of all players in
the food supply chain from raw materials, further processing, distribution, retail, and
food service, as well as international food procurement companies.
IQC’s Mission

Providing implementable solutions for quality of food products and services,which present tangible value and deliver long-term business benefits

IQC’s Purpose
IQC Team
Dr. Reinhard Kaeppel
Senior expert for Quality in
Food and Agriculture

Agriculture Science Ph.D.

30+ years experience on the complete supply chain of food. The major part of his professional career he spent with McDonald’s, most of the time as Head of Quality Assurance for Europe, based in Germany and the USA.

Dr. Xiong Chuanwu
Senior expert for Quality in
food and agriculture

Food Science Ph.D.

15+ years experience on the complete supply chain of food.  Leader of IFS Asia office, IFS auditor. Consultant of CCFA, Team leader of GFSI capacity team

Peter Wang
Senior expert for SCM management

Agriculture Ph.D.

10+ years experience on the complete supply chain of food and quality management. IFS auditor, BRC auditor, GLOBALG.A.P.  Farm Assurer.

Henry Wang
Senior expert in SCM management

Food processing Master

10+ years experience on the quality management, assessment and consulting. He was responsible for the supply management at McDonald‘s and Metro.

Yulia Yao
Quality Management & Traceability Systems expert

Food and Agricultural Science Master

10+ years experience on quality and traceability management.

Amy Zhang
Quality Management & Test expert

Food Science Master

10+ years experience on quality management and laboratory/rapid testing.

David Pang
Pork& Poultry management expert

Food Science Master

10+ years experience on assessment and training. auditor of BRC,ISO22000,9001,14001,18001 standard

Judy Jiang
General technical consultant in food safety and quality Fermentation Engineering Master 22+ year’s experience on food safety and quality management.
IFS oral examiner, GFSI, CCFA experts and trainer,Guest trainer of university, former GFSI China local steering committee vice chair, former CCFA food safety commit chairman,etc.
Linda Dai
Senior Consulting/Training Expert Food Science Master Jiangnan University

20+ years experences of food safety and quality management(Ele, Mcdonalds,Metro,Yum and COFCO).

Further understanding of STARSQMSIFS, BRC,Global GAP. Good at risk management of food supply chain and store(retail and restaurants)
Dr. Congcong Li
Farm Animal Welfare Expert

More than 10 years of farm animal behavior and welfare research background, especially on broiler breeder, broiler, layer, and dairy cattle (Ph.D. from KU Leuven, Belgium; Postdoctoral experiences in Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and NYU Shanghai). Being a fellow of the International Farm Animal Welfare Fellowship (IFAWF). 

Terry Wang
Senior expert for Supply Chain Environmental Engineering BachelorAbout 30 years experience on agricultural management, WCM,TPM, excellent operation skills, etc.
Eli Li
Quality Management expert Master of Business Administration

20+ years experience in quality, produce, R&D in food enterprise. Have deep understanding in supply Chain management.

SQF registered lecturer.

Alex Lv
Quality Management expert Bachelor of Food Science

13+ years experience in quality management in food enterprise. Familiar with the formulation of national, industrial, local and enterprise std. Intermediate Standardization Engineer.

Harlin Liang
Quality management expert Master of Food ScienceSix years of quality management experience in Top 500 and large foreign companies (Tyson, Kerry), BRCGS auditor, familiar with brand customers (STAR, SQMS, D58, etc.) supplier management requirements and practical implementation plans.
Our Specialists Expertise