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About IQC

IQC is a Sino-German management consulting company providing professional service of food safety, quality management and sustainability to all stakeholders along the food supply chain. 

IQC cooperates with international standard organizations about farm, processing, logistics, sustainability, animal welfare, and let these standards applied for our clients. IQC enables clients to meet the international standard and markets’ requirement, strengthen their competitive, and grow their business.

IQC Service
  • Risk Diagnosis
  • Foreign body Management
  • GMP Improvement
  • Supplier Management
  • Food Safety Culture
  • Lean Production
  • Traceability System
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Animal Welfare
Risk Diagnosis
Audit: Identify current status, analysis gaps and know the gap;
System evaluation: Operation effectiveness;
Personnel interview: Staff knowledge structure and ability;
Food safety culture evaluation: Safety awareness, leadership, responsibility, etc;
Quality and safety investigation: Risk diagnosis for specific issues.
Target Clients:
Upstream supplier of OEM brand
Food chain enterprises with insufficient self-risk identification capabilities
Food chain enterprises with frequent quality and safety issues
Think deeply about risks from the perspective of Party A
Rich practical experience in supplier risk diagnosis for top retail, catering, and food enterprises.
Comprehensive evaluation perspective, including documents, site, personnel ability, food safety culture, etc.
Foreign body Management
Foreign material classification, monitoring data standardization;
Foreign material management, incentive system establishment ;
Foreign material identification and collection;
Effectiveness monitoring and continuous improvement.
Target Clients:
Group enterprise
Retailor and chain catering
Many successful experience in foreign body management project
Professional foreign body control tools
Online training system and many foreign body complaint cases
GMP Improvement
Tailored diagnosis: Quantitative gap analysis of complaints, data;
Comprehensive training: Online and offline, in-class and on-site, theory and practice,combination training methods to implement GMP solutions
Improvement consulting: Best practice analysis, Partition management, special checklist inspection, Inspection mechanism etc.
Target Clients:
Food manufacturer
Package manufacturer
Enterprises in the high-end customer market
High complaints enterprise
Many successful experience in GMP improvement project
Industry best practice: Foreign body control, Cleaning, disinfection, color management,Personal hygiene
Many GMP training courses online to support on-site training
Supplier Management
2cd party audit
Specialized improvement of key suppliers
Selection and recommendation of potential suppliers
Capability building of supplier management team
Target Clients:
Retailer and chain catering
Brand enterprise
Many successful experience on supplier management, can identify potential risks deeply
Abundant supplier resources
Food Safety Culture
Comprehensive promotion:Create food safety atmosphere, culture wall, TV, WeChat, Video, etc.
Special activities: Strengthen food safety awareness, specific activities, food safety training, Knowledge competition, visiting, certification, etc. ;
Achievement display: Recognize team actions, stimulate team initiative.
Target Clients:
Food manufacturers
Group enterprises
Retailer and chain catering
Many successful experience in food safety culture project
Know the expectation on food safety culture of clients
Lean Production
Improve the production efficiency
Fully implement safety, health and environment management
Improve management efficiency
Improve 5S management on site
Optimize reliability and maintainability of equipment
Training professional staff on equipment
Target Clients:
Upstream supplier of OEM brand
Upstream supplier or branch company of Group
Enterprises which need to improve the efficiency and competition
Team has more than 20 years experience in implementing TPM project
Many experience in enterprise management and technique implement
Combine the core points of TPM, WCM and VPO
Traceability System
Traceability process design: Executable traceability plan, set reasonable traceability process according to the real process;
Traceability information standardization: identify static and dynamic data, standardize the information collection, transmission, and verification.
Visualization: “One product, One Code” traceability code solution, QR code scanning and inquiry;
Long term training and technical support
Target Clients:
Farms and manufacturer
Many successful experience in construction and operation of traceability system
Have cooperated with CAFA, provide integrate traceability service to food and agro-product
SAAS service to set up digital traceability management system for many supplier and products efficiently
Sustainable Agriculture
On-site assessment: Farm social responsibility, energy and climate protection, soil management, crop protection, ecological and environmental protection etc.
Set up Standard system : Guide the implementation of sustainable agriculture;
On-site implementation: Sample and testing solution of soil, irrigation water, optimize production formula management;make yield measurement plan, harvest plan,standardize the plant protection products and machinery, implement biodiversity surveys,analyze agricultural energy statistically ;
Validation : Verify if farm meets the sustainability criteria, ensure raw materials source from sustainable farms.
Target Clients:
Production enterprise
Planting and breeding enterprise
Multiple sustainable agricultural consulting and audit experience
More than 10 years of industry background in planting, breeding and processing
Animal Welfare
Animal welfare evaluation
Animal welfare consulting
Animal Welfare Strategic Plan
Animal welfare product certification (laying hens, broilers, beef cattle)
Animal welfare market research, supply and demand
Target Clients:
Breeding enterprise
Retailer and chain catering
Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) China office, manage farm welfare certification project
Provide professional animal welfare standard training and assessment
Hold industrial conferences and workshop regularly and build a the farm and market docking platform
IQC Case
Our Professional Team
IQC has a number of senior European and Chinese food industry specialists. All the consultant team have doctorate and master in food and agriculture field who has served many world class food enterprises, and familiar to all kinds of food standards and the 2rd party assessment requirements.
  • Dr. Reinhard Kaeppel
  • Dr. Xiong Chuanwu
  • Peter Wang
  • Henry Wang
  • Yulia Yao
  • Amy Zhang
  • David Pang
  • Judy Jiang
  • Linda Dai
  • Dr. Congcong Li
  • Terry Wang
  • Eli Li
  • Alex Lv
  • Harlin Liang
  • Hongwei
Dr. Reinhard Kaeppel
Senior expert for Quality in
Food and Agriculture

Agriculture Science Ph.D.

30+ years experience on the complete supply chain of food. The major part of his professional career he spent with McDonald’s, most of the time as Head of Quality Assurance for Europe, based in Germany and the USA.

Dr. Xiong Chuanwu
Senior expert for Quality in
food and agriculture

Food Science Ph.D.

15+ years experience on the complete supply chain of food.  Leader of IFS Asia office, IFS auditor. Consultant of CCFA, Team leader of GFSI capacity team

Peter Wang
Senior expert for SCM management

Agriculture Ph.D.

10+ years experience on the complete supply chain of food and quality management. IFS auditor, BRC auditor, GLOBALG.A.P.  Farm Assurer.

Henry Wang
Senior expert in SCM management

Food processing Master

10+ years experience on the quality management, assessment and consulting. He was responsible for the supply management at McDonald‘s and Metro.

Yulia Yao
Quality Management & Traceability Systems expert

Food and Agricultural Science Master

10+ years experience on quality and traceability management.

Amy Zhang
Quality Management & Test expert

Food Science Master

10+ years experience on quality management and laboratory/rapid testing.

David Pang
Pork& Poultry management expert

Food Science Master

10+ years experience on assessment and training. auditor of BRC,ISO22000,9001,14001,18001 standard

Judy Jiang
General technical consultant in food safety and quality Fermentation Engineering Master
22+ year’s experience on food safety and quality management. IFS oral examiner, GFSI, CCFA experts and trainer,Guest trainer of university, former GFSI China local steering committee vice chair, former CCFA food safety commit chairman,etc.
Linda Dai
Senior Consulting/Training Expert Food Science Master Jiangnan University
20+ years experences of food safety and quality management(Ele, Mcdonalds,Metro,Yum and COFCO). Further understanding of STAR,SQMS,IFS, BRC,Global GAP. Good at risk management of food supply chain and store(retail and restaurants)
Dr. Congcong Li
Senior Animal Welfare Scientist

More than 10 years of farm animal behavior and welfare research background, especially on broiler breeder, broiler, layer, and dairy cattle (Ph.D. from KU Leuven, Belgium; Postdoctoral experiences in Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and NYU Shanghai). Being a fellow of the International Farm Animal Welfare Fellowship (IFAWF). 

Terry Wang
Senior expert for Supply Chain Environmental Engineering Bachelor
About 30 years experience on agricultural management,WCM,TPM,excellent operation skills, etc.
Eli Li
Quality Management expert Master of Business Administration

20+ years experience in quality, produce, R&D in food enterprise. Have deep understanding in supply Chain management.

SQF registered lecturer.

Alex Lv
Quality Management expert Bachelor of Food Science
13+ years experience in quality management in food enterprise. Familiar with the formulation of national, industrial, local and enterprise std. Intermediate Standardization Engineer.
Harlin Liang
Quality management expert Master of Food Science
Six years of quality management experience in Top 500 and large foreign companies (Tyson, Kerry), BRCGS auditor, familiar with brand customers (STAR, SQMS, D58, etc.) supplier management requirements and practical implementation plans.
Animal Welfare Project Manager Animal Science Bachelor
8 years animal welfare related experience(Keystone food and Tyson Food). He was responsible for animal welfare and biosecurity assessments and training for McDonald’s upstream chicken farms.

IQC News
  • 112023-09
    IQC Becomes a Partner of Sedex Greater China, Promoting Sustainable Agriculture Together
    On September 7th, Sedex announced its Greater China partners at the "2023 Communication Meeting and New Strategy Release Event", and IQC became a partner of Sedex Greater China.
    View details
  • 082023-09
    Dedicated to Advancing Animal Welfare, IQC Invited to Attend the 5th China Animal Welfare Science Conference
    IQC participated in the 5th China Animal Welfare Science Conference. This conference is jointly organized by the China Animal Health and Food Safety Alliance, Chongqing Academy of Animal Science, and the National Center of Technology Innovation for Pigs, attracting 353 global animal welfare experts, scholars, and practitioners.
    View details
  • 262023-08
    IQC attended the opening ceremony of the largest cage-free base in China - Shaoguan TuDama MinFengshan Base and delivered a speech
    August 23, groundbreaking ceremony of TuDama Minfengshan free-range breeding base was held in Mashi town, Shixing County. IQC attended and made a speech, to congratulate TuDama built the largest free range and cage-free breeding base.
    View details
  • 012023-08
    IQC participated in Aquatic Animal Welfare Seminar to discuss the development of fish welfare
    The Aquatic Animal Welfare Research and Practice Seminar was successfully held in Hangzhou from July 29th to 31st, 2023. This seminar aims to create a platform for domestic and foreign aquatic experts to promote fish welfare development in China. IQC attended the seminar and joined the discussion on fish welfare definition, current fish welfare status a
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